About us

The SIG in AAC was started in 1995, by founder members Gillian Hazell, Jackie Reeves, Pru Leeding and Geraldine Vandersluis. In the early days it was an informal group that met within Oxfordshire, but then the group saw the need for expansion. There was an increasing need to develop knowledge and skills in the field of AAC, for all those interested and involved in AAC. Technology was and continues to progress at a fast pace, and hence the requirement to keep abreast of new developments and devices.

The SIG has expanded over the years, and welcomes people from all over the UK. It is able to maintain a low cost for attendance due to careful financial management.

The committee is subject to a Constitution, stating that there needs to be a minimum of 8 committee members at one time, this includes the officer posts of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Video conferencing has recently been utilised to facilitate input from committee members further afield: this ensures a wide geographical mix of representation on the committee. The committee meet approx. 4 times a year and is responsible for organising 3 SIG days per year (currently virtual via Zoom). These are always well attended and this is largely due to the generosity of our presenters, who give their time and commitment free of charge. The committee are grateful for their contribution to such sharing of information and skill building.

The remit of the SIG is as follows:

  1. To inform those working with AAC users of current and up-to-date issues.
  2. To disseminate and share information relating to effective practice within the field of AAC.
  3. To act as a discussion forum or advisory group for policy making organisations (Government, RCSLT).
  4. To carry out research and/or audits relating to AAC.
  5. To involve all disciplines involved in AAC.
  6. To respond to the needs of the members, having identified those needs through discussion and by the use of questionnaires.

The committee welcome the involvement of members at any level – committee, sharing ideas and projects,or even helping during the SIG days. The subscription per year is £10-00 for virtual days via Zoom. The members are notified by email or post of forthcoming SIG days. Each member will be included in the SIG’s database of members, unless otherwise stated by the individual.